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Title: Weight of the World
Artist: Matthew James Thomas
Played: 79 times

matthew james thomas singing weight of the world from britannia high 

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It is time Pippin, for you to do something truly extraordinary.

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because i accidentally fell in love with this dork

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Matthew and Porridge

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lifeisacabaret asked: adam chanler-berat or matthew james thomas?

↝I do remember getting violently punched in the face…That was pretty scary. I don’t know, I don’t think I did anything wrong either, I think someone had made up a rumour that I had done something wrong in order to have some kind of drama. I didn’t lose the fight…I punched back…I don’t know if I should admit that, really…My mum tells me to punch back, my dad tells me not to so I’m somewhere in between.

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Just in case anyone wanted to hear the song I’ve been listening to nonstop for almost a week now (No Sound At All). Because the piano and strings are beautiful. I love lyrics, especially the chorus. He is a beautiful person with a voice to match, and this song is so very very special to me.

The other two songs are beautiful as well. These three songs are the only things really and truly keeping me together right now.

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